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  • Webinar: Five Ways to Make Your Practice Less Hackable
    Webinar: Five Ways to Make Your Practice Less Hackable
    Pathways to Prosperity Webinar Series by Vanguard Communications: 5 Ways to Make Your Practice Less Hackable, presented by Jonathan Stanley
  • A  PHI-less World
    A PHI-less World
    We need to eliminate protected health information (PHI) from existence and move to a password protected system. It really is that simple—and that revolutionary. It would not only eliminate many headaches. It would save a pile of money, too.
  • Is Your Practice Hackable?
    Is Your Practice Hackable?
    For scammers, it is 50 percent more valuable to steal medical information than social security information. Vanguard Communications Technical Director Jonathan Stanley discusses how to keep your patients' sensitive information secure.

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  • How Much Is a Doctor's Website Worth?
    How Much Is a Doctor's Website Worth?
    Recently a physician who is moving toward retirement asked us this question. It's a good one. How do you value an existing website that has generated thousands of new patients for years. Answer: That's probably the wrong question to try to answer.
  • Webinar: Demystifying Healthcare SEO
    Webinar: Demystifying Healthcare SEO
    Pathways to Prosperity Webinar Series by Vanguard Communications: Demystifying Healthcare SEO, presented by Stephanie Wilson & Dr. Neil Baum
  • Healthcare SEO Basics for Doctors
    Healthcare SEO Basics for Doctors
    High organic search-engine rankings matter, especially for medical practices seeking patients for specific conditions & treatments. Although rankings are ever changing, become a well-informed SEO physician by picking the right keyword as a function of content.

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