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The Peerless Practice Defined

One critical difference

And five standards that separate the best from the good

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The power of relentless improvement

In healthcare, only a tiny minority of healthcare provider groups are without peers in their specialties and catchment areas. What makes them truly peerless? A relentless pursuit of continuous improvement.

Success in healthcare doesn’t come by happenstance. It’s the result of focused, concerted, mission-driven teamwork for the long haul. The result is peerless practice performance in five areas:

  • Steady revenue growth
  • Lowered physician burnout
  • Happier staff, less turnover
  • Five-star patient reviews
  • An enjoyable, energized environment for all
Everyone seems to talk about patient experience these days. You don’t hear as much about staff experience or provider experience. But unsurpassed patient experience evolves from the day-to-day experience of providers and staff.

Tired of being tired? Success from the inside out

Today you hear lots of talk in our field about improving the patient experience. Unfortunately, most of it focuses on the very limited time spent between doctor and patient.

Instead, our conviction is that healthcare is a team sport.

The doctor-patient encounter represents only a fraction of the total patient experience. Our in-depth research has identified four stages of the patient experience, and the physician participates in just one phase.

The other three phases are up to the people working with and around the physician: From the receptionist to the billing specialist to the medical assistant to the staffer who coordinates lab and imaging tests and beyond.

Transform your practice

If healthcare is a team sport, then the fastest route to practice growth and prosperity comes from blending superior marketing and communications technology on the outside with team building and realignment on the inside.

The end goal is to establish a culture of continuous improvement by empowering frontline staff and charging them with the responsibilities of an enhanced patient experience.

Bottom line, we don't merely make good practices better. We transform good practices into peerless practices.

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