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Practice Improvement

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Beyond consulting: less pain, lower costs

MedAmorphosis Practice Improvement

We resolve common pain points:

  • Patient intake workflow
  • Phone call bottlenecks
  • Billing processes
  • Patient retention
  • And much more...

How does MedAmorphosis work?

MedAmorphosis is a staff training program in process and efficiency improvement – creating energized staff who love coming to work in a patient-centered environment. This program will cut a practice's costs and improve revenues, guaranteed. Together with our MedMarketLink program we guarantee decreased costs and a 20-35 percent increase in new patients in the first year. Watch the short video below to learn more.

Efficiency training for harried healthcare providers and staff

As a digital marketing and PR firm for our first two decades in business, Vanguard’s MedMarketLink program successfully brought new patients to healthcare providers in record numbers. Yet we kept running into the same problem:

Medical practices couldn’t keep up with the volume of new patients we were sending.

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For years Vanguard has never failed to meet its one-of-a-kind guarantee of new patient growth by 15 to 30 percent in the first 12 months alone. In fact, our clients routinely have exceeded the minimum growth rate year after year.

However, our clients were also losing new patients at record rates. Thus was born MedAmorphosis, a unique merger of two professional disciplines: digital marketing and process improvement. As a result, we've upped our growth guarantee to 20-35 percent in year one.

Culture shift: How many ways to gift wrap a lamp?

Over time the root of the problem became strikingly evident – healthcare marketing has always been an outside-in work in progress.

Healthcare professionals spend billions of dollars to push out messages about quality of care to the public but hardly a dime on what really matters to patients just as much if not more: how they’re treated.

Our own extensive research shows it time after time.

You see, if marketing professionals have an image problem, it’s for good reason. They’re constantly asked to gift wrap products that often fail customer expectations. Put a pretty bow and paper on it.

But no matter how many ways you package a lamp, it still won’t look like anything else. It’s still a lamp.

Tired of being tired? Success from the inside out

Today you hear lots of talk in our field about improving the patient experience. Unfortunately, most of it focuses on the very limited time spent between doctor and patient.

Instead, our conviction is that healthcare is a team sport.

The doctor-patient encounter represents only a fraction of the total patient experience. Our in-depth research has identified four stages of the patient experience, and the physician participates in just one phase.

The other three phases are up to the people working with and around the physician: From the receptionist to the billing specialist to the medical assistant to the staffer who coordinates lab and imaging tests and beyond.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement

Our program is a six-month, four-phase process of re-aligning and re-vitalizing medical practices. Our consultants spend 11 days on-site in four separate visits, plus provide ongoing video coaching and team guidance over the term of the curriculum. We teach frontline and administrative staff to organize mission-specific teams and bring lasting change through three stages:
  • Evaluation of current patient experience and management
  • Identification of bottlenecks, inefficiencies and miscommunications
  • Improvement in efficiencies and patient satisfaction through staff training and oversight

Transform your practice

The fastest route to practice growth and prosperity comes from blending superior marketing and communications technology on the outside with team building and realignment on the inside.

The end goal is to establish a culture of continuous improvement by empowering frontline staff and charging them with the responsibilities of an enhanced patient experience.

Bottom line, we don't merely make good practices better. We transform good practices into peerless practices.

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