Grow your practice 15-30%. Guaranteed.


MedMarketLink Healthcare Marketing Program by Vanguard Communications | ladder

More revenue

MedMarketLink public relations, marketing and internet technology guarantees 15-30 percent new patient growth in year one

Don’t advertise. Educate.

Patient education-based marketing. How do we make a guarantee? We don’t advertise. We answer patients’ questions. Our seasoned team of healthcare writers produce clinically accurate and patient-friendly information that drives new patient increases.

The guarantee

MedMarketLink is the only healthcare marketing program guaranteeing new-patient growth of 15 to 30 percent in year one – or we work for free. (We’ve never had to work for free.)


Less pain, lower costs

MedAmorphosis process and efficiency diagnostics and training eases provider burnout, cuts staff turnover and boosts patient satisfaction

Making healthcare a team sport

MedAmorphosis is a breakthrough service of process improvement for small to large provider groups. We focus not only on provider and patient relationships, but also on the entire patient experience and staff workflow.

The even better guarantee

Combining MedMarketLink and MedAmorphosis, we up our growth guarantee: 20 to 35 percent in year one.

Call us the unicorn of healthcare

Not consultants. Not marketers. Multi-disciplinary fire starters.

See the magic

The peerless practice defined

Less than 1% of practices achieve these five performance metrics.

How do you rate?

Skin in the game

We guarantee new patients. Or we work for free. (We’ve never had to work for free.)

Growth guaranteed