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Healthcare Marketing

To grow bigger, doctors must think bigger

about healthcare marketing.

Growing a medical practice requires more than practicing good medicine. It takes thinking bigger than the traditional modes of medical marketing and advertising. In fact, our MedMarketLink program works with little to no paid advertising at all.

For nearly three decades, our healthcare digital marketing agency has offered a proven content and digital medical marketing program that integrates all the components medical practices need to attract new patients and grow.

Not only can we prove it works, we guarantee it.


Grow your practice 15%-30% or we work for free. (We’ve never had to work for free.)

Goldfish with mouth agape at healthcare marketing guarantee | Vanguard Communications | Denver, CO | San Jose, CA

Attract new patients online with content marketing & more

Did you know that Google receives 1 billion healthcare searches a day? That people go online to search for health information 10 times more than they look for doctors? That 71% of people use online reviews of doctors as the first step in finding a doctor?

That’s why our approach to healthcare marketing focuses on digital content marketing, which helps specialty and academic medical practices appear in front of new patients where they live and work: online.

After nearly 30 years of refining our integrated content marketing approach, our healthcare marketing team has built a proven methodology that utilizes our own distinct spin on the traditional 4 Ps of marketing. We call this program MedMarketLink, and we guarantee that it works.

  • Provide educational, patient-friendly, clinically accurate information about health symptoms, conditions and treatments.
  • Produce it through our on-staff, seasoned healthcare writers, research analysts and an on-staff medical doctor.
  • Post it to a client’s search engine optimized and patient health information (PHI)-protected website.
  • Promote it across numerous channels by a team of at least six multidisciplined, digital healthcare marketing experts per client.

That alone brings in new patients organically. But we don’t stop there.

Think bigger about how healthcare marketing works

Content writing, not advertising

MedMarketLink is an integrated healthcare marketing program centered on content strategy – one that tells, not sells. We write fresh, original health website articles in a journalist style and language your patients will understand, earning their trust and getting your website to the top of Google search without ads.

First, we develop a search engine optimized (SEO) website loaded with original, specialty specific, Google friendly iCare Health Library content. Then we promote that content organically through doctor blogs, social media, public relations, email marketing and videos.

We also manage patient comments on social media channels and online rate-your-doctor websites and answer comments quickly (and within HIPAA guidelines). By integrating and continually feeding appropriate digital channels, we educate prospective and existing patients in ways that position the practice as an expert in its specialty. (See a case study.)

Offering content relevant to what people are already searching for online is what gets medical practices to the top of search engine rankings.

And that’s how doctors find new patients, or perhaps better said, how patients find doctors today.

How can Vanguard help you grow bigger?

We’ve succeeded in bringing in new patients for practices in more than 18 medical specialties, so we know a thing or two about what works. If you’re ready to think bigger and grow bigger, then we’re ready to go big with you.

Contact us Our guarantee

Components of the MedMarketLink healthcare marketing program

  • Blogging for Medical Providers and Practices
    To attract more patients, doctors should be blogging about the symptoms & treatments millions of patients are searching for online.
  • Content Marketing
    With nearly 30 years experience in healthcare marketing, Vanguard has created a unique content marketing strategy that aims to “tell, not sell” patients.
  • Email Marketing
    Good email newsletters communicate healthcare information and marketing messages, cultivate a practice's reputation and tell patients who you really are.
  • Healthcare Media Relations
    Vanguard focuses on healthcare media relations to increase awareness about a client's practice & show potential patients why the practice is a good choice for them.
  • Healthcare SEO & SEM
    Vanguard guarantees client medical practices will appear on the first page of Google for relevant search terms through healthcare SEO & SEM best practices.
  • iCare Patient Center
    Learn more about the iCare Patient Center, Vanguard Communications' interactive suite of patient-focused products featured on our clients' websites.
  • Medical Practice Branding, Print & Design
    Establish your specialty practice’s professional branding for physicians from signature colors and logo design to typography and graphic design, plus expert print design projects such as brochures & postcards.
  • Online Doctor Reviews & Online Reputation Management
    Vanguard monitors and manages your practice reputation and reviews on rate-your-doctor websites, including Yelp, Google, HealthGrades, RateMDs and more.
  • PHI Security Suite
    Reactive security is good. Proactive security is best. Vanguard's PHI & HIPAA Security Suite offers the highest meaningful level of internet security, satisfying and surpassing HIPAA standards.
  • Public Relations
    We offer a full PR program for physicians and practices including media campaigns, testimonials, blogs, referral marketing, social media and online reviews.
  • Referral Marketing
    Vanguard crafts strong brand messaging & delivers referral marketing through postcards, e-newsletters, blogs, public relations and social media.
  • Social Media
    Vanguard establishes and maintains your practice's presence on social media websites, including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Yelp and LinkedIn.
  • Websites
    Vanguard designs, develops and manages specialty medical practice websites, including custom layouts, expertly-written content and mobile responsive design.