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Smart Doctors Use Medical SEO to Attract New Patients

In just 8 minutes, Vice President Stephanie Wilson explains everything a practice should do to use medical SEO (search engine optimization), quality health information and patient-centric messaging on your website to attract new patients who are already online searching about your specialty.

Raising the Physician Voice

Although gene therapy, stem cell research, and pharmacogenomics are leading the way into the future of medicine, society continues to exhibit “Frankenstein phobias.” Doctors can ease those fears by joining conversations about science and risk.

Few Doctors Meet Patient Info Needs Online

Following a January 15 research report by Pew Research Center revealing that 35 percent of Americans use the Internet to figure out a medical condition, an independent survey by Vanguard Communications found that only one-third of physicians in three American cities offer direct website help to health care consumers trying to understand their symptoms. Here’s a breakdown of the findings.