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Healthcare Marketing & Management Research

After doing it for our clients for more than 20 years, we’re keenly aware that the best way to get media coverage is to give the media what it wants: a great story. The vehicle for that is the often maligned and under-appreciated press release.

When you spend 100 hours on research and investigation to uncover a salient point others have overlooked, you want to wrap that up in a nice package for the media. And we do. And it works.

Patient Engagement HIT

Sara Heath of Patient Engagement HIT covers our latest research: Areas where high patient satisfaction scores are common may predict lower COVID-19 death rates.

Doctors Online Reviews Are Polarized

Compared with restaurants, doctors online reviews are 64% more likely to have 5-stars, but 194% more likely to rate only 1-star. “Great reviews don’t come easily,” says researcher and Vanguard Communications Technical Director Jonathan Stanley. “Low star ratings or negative doctors’ online reviews can be the deciding factor when a patient is searching for a provider.”

The Four Commandments of Confronting Bad PR

Ron Harman King spent more than three decades working in and with the mainstream media in public healthcare communications. In this edition of “The Wired Practice,” the self-proclaimed “grizzled, battle-tested veteran of bad press” offers insight, in the form of four commandments.