Healthcare Marketing Research

As the experts in medical marketing, Vanguard Communications conducts in-depth surveys about the state of healthcare providers’ online presence, identifying trends about doctor reviews, medical websites and more.

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Popularity of doctor specialists

What are the most popular medical specialties? We researched online reviews of healthcare providers in the 100 largest U.S. cities. Here the rankings of each of 23 specialties.

Online Patient Satisfaction

HPI Ranks Patient Satisfaction in 100 U.S. Cities

U.S. Happy Patient Index (HPI), a nationwide study by Vanguard Communications, provides a comparative snapshot of the state of satisfaction with American healthcare based on Yelp and Google Plus reviews.

Medical Website Information

Few Doctors Meet Patient Info Needs Online

Following a January 15 research report by Pew Research Center revealing that 35 percent of Americans use the Internet to figure out a medical condition, an independent survey by Vanguard Communications found that only one-third of physicians in three American cities offer direct website help to health care consumers trying to understand their symptoms. Here’s a breakdown of the findings.