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Comfort Theater

Comfort Theater: Delivering a Superior Patient Experience in Five Acts | Presented by Vanguard Communications

What is The Comfort Theater?

Due to the rise and accessibility of the internet, patients today have more say and more choices in their healthcare decisions than any at other time in history.

Practices cannot rely on antiquated methods of achieving patient satisfaction and gaining new patients through advertising. They need to deliver a superior patient experience that combines a patient’s expectation for high-quality care with all the technology and comforts of this day and age.

Staff training for improved patient experiences

Imagine that instead of merely coming to work each morning, your staff enters a theater ready to produce a play designed not just to treat but also to delight patients. The Comfort Theater: Delivering a Superior Patient Experience in Five Acts seminar series will empower your frontline and clinical staffs to better influence the physical and emotional state of the patients they serve each and every day.

  • Vanguard’s MedAmorphosis team, specializing in practice efficiency improvement, will present the tips and tools to equip your staff to take leadership in increasing patient satisfaction and improving team and cultural alignment.
  • It’s all delivered over a series of lunch-and-learn-style seminars.

The Comfort Theater’s Five Acts

  • Act I – Contact
  • Act II – Arrival
  • Act III – Provider Interaction
  • Act IV – Fare Thee Well
  • Act V – Post-Visit Support

Interested in scheduling the Comfort Theater seminar for your staff?

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