Whole-Brain Marketing for Specialty Healthcare Providers

Practice growth guaranteed

Two ways to find more patients

Vanguard Communications has developed two distinct programs – MedMarketLink and MedSocialLink – which have been carefully formulated to meet the needs of medical practices by incorporating key components of Internet marketing and patient communication proven to build practices.

We don’t advertise. We educate.

With more than 20 years experience in healthcare marketing and finding new patients for providers, we know that patients look for health information first and doctors second. With data from Google and other sources behind this idea, we know that today’s savvy e-powered patients look for information about their health much more often than (and long before) they search for a provider. When patients do find a doctor, they choose the doctor based on information they can trust.

Patients want to be told, not sold. For this reason, Vanguard’s carefully crafted healthcare marketing programs are content-centric, emphasizing online health education through multiple channels: the practice website, public relations, social media and more. This content marketing strategy positions each practice as an expert in the field and an information resource, offering meaningful information that develops trust and makes searching patients your patients.

We guarantee it.

MedMarketLink, medical marketing by Vanguard Communications

For larger practices, MedMarketLink is the only medical marketing program that offers a guarantee of 15 to 30 percent increase in new patients in the first year.


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MedSocialLink, medical marketing by Vanguard Communications

For smaller practices in certain specialties, MedSocialLink offers a guarantee of 10 to 15 percent increase in new-patient leads.


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Which marketing mix is right for your practice?

Medical Marketing Service

MedMarketLink, medical marketing by Vanguard Communications MedSocialLink, medical marketing by Vanguard Communications
Growth guarantee 15-30% increase in new patients in yr. one 10-15% increase in new patient leads in yr. one
Website content management Premium Standard
Branding: website design & color palette Fully customized Individually tailored
Mobile version of website
Ongoing security & technology updates
Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Premium Standard
Press releases Pitched to media Posted on website
Facebook postings Premium Standard
iCare Health Library Premium, customized Standard
iCare Contact Encrypted website forms Secure website forms
iCare Doctor’s Corner a mini website for each physician
iCare Photo Album for patients to upload testimonials & photos
iCare Bulletin Boardfor posting news briefs to websites Vanguard writes & posts briefs Practice writes & uploads their own briefs
Online reputation management & PR
Monthly analytics & marketing reports
Patient profiles
ePhoneLink – tracks callers from website
Google AdWords – pay-per-click advertising
Online Newsroom
Customized PR media list
National news media campaigns 
Media training
Blogging & Video Blogging