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Healthcare SEO & SEM

Search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing (SEM)

Where does your practice rank in Google’s eyes?

A successful website and internet presence depends on patients finding providers through use of key search terms in the big-three search engines of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Vanguard’s guarantee is that our clients’ practice will appear on the first page – known as “page 1” – of Google for relevant search terms by combining two essential search elements: SEO and SEM.

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Part of the MedMarketLink program

SEO is a core component of our MedMarketLink program and any content developed for our websites.

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SEO: Getting organic (unpaid) search results & visitsHealthcare SEO & SEM services | Vanguard Communications

With Vanguard’s advanced search engine optimization (SEO) services, we optimize each practice website and other online identities (for example, social media pages) for specialty-specific keywords and phrases.

As healthcare writers and content marketers with more than two decades of experience, we identify the topics that are important to your specialty and practice to ensure your brand appears atop of searches for those topics.

Guaranteed page-1 Google ranking

While many marketing firms extol their purported prowess in magic SEO with merely a vague promise of actual results, Vanguard guarantees page-1 Google rankings for key terms by utilizing tried and true methods, including:

  • Keyword optimization coupled with trustworthy medical content (written by our team of medical writers) on conditions and treatments that patients are searching for online
  • Website performance optimization techniques recognized by Google that boost practice rankings, including site download speeds, thereby establishing authority in Google’s eyes
  • Integration with Google+ and Google Maps that helps Google recognize a practice’s website and rank it higher in search results faster
  • Review and analysis of Google Webmaster tools, Google Analytics and other SEO tools to make adjustments to your website’s optimization on an ongoing basis

SEM: Paid ads that deliver patient leads

Search engine marketing (SEM) – or Google pay-per-click advertising – can increase website visits and Google’s recognition of a website virtually instantly.

Vanguard creates and manages ads that target patient demographic for the topics a practice wants to promote. Our expert healthcare writers craft the ad copy to ensure the right message is seen and clicked on by the right people, at the right time.

We use important metrics such as ad click-through-rate (the number of times an ad is clicked compared to the number of times an ad is shown), cost-per-click and conversion rate (the number of online forms completed by users who clicked on your ad) to make every ad campaign successful.

Constant monitoring and adjustments ensure ads return the most value for the lowest cost.

SEO & SEM reporting

Vanguard Communications’ healthcare SEO and SEM services represent a part of how we build practice revenue. But don’t take our word for it: our SEO and SEM effectiveness is backed by real data and reported with metrics that matter:
• Website visits
• Keyword ranking reports
• New patient leads (completed online forms or phone calls)
• Cost-per-conversion (a new patient lead) with estimated value for that conversion