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PHI Security Suite

Photo of ransomware of PHI security on computer screen | Vanguard Communications | Denver, CO | San Jose, CA | Jacksonville, FL

Reactive security is good. Proactive PHI security is best.

Protect your website and protect your patients’ personal information with Vanguard’s suite of security features for medical practice websites and online patient forms. Our PHI Security Suite offers the highest meaningful level of internet security, satisfying and surpassing HIPAA standards. This program is available as part of our MedMarketLink program or available as an add-on when we manage forms on your existing website.

Part of the MedMarketLink program

PHI security is a core component of our MedMarketLink program. Vanguard keeps every client’s website and core components up-to-date with the latest security features, updates and safeguards to ensure highest levels of security available and protection of patient privacy.

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See how PHI Security Suite makes your website and online communications safer and stronger

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Comparison Standard PHI Security Suite
Security Reactive Proactive, real time analysis
HTTPS Little or no HTTPS HTTPS everywhere
Encryption Technology Little or no encryption Cutting edge 2048 bit encryption keys
Website Backups Limited or no backups Daily Automatic Third Party Backups
Patient Confidence Little or no assurance Constant protection, even at coffee shops
Online Patient Communications & Forms Limited and less secure Secure online appointment requests & internet registrations for new patients
Online Payments Credit card fees + costly transaction fees No transaction fees
Google Boost No boost In 2014, Google announced it would increase rankings for secure websites
Search-Engine Optimization (SEO) Standard SEO practices Extended SEO benefits
Website Load Times Standard page load times Twice as fast, on average
HIPAA & HITECH Practice at risk Extended HIPAA / HITECH protections
Mobile Optimization Standard mobile performance Improved mobile performance
Content Distribution Network (CDN) Additional Cost Improves performance globally, with no extra cost
Disaster Plan No plan Prepared response and assistance, should a security breach ever occur