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Referral Marketing

Vanguard Communications recognizes that a crucial part of bringing in new patients is building the practice name via referral marketing among physicians. Promoting a practice to other physicians as an expert in any specialty requires crafting strong brand messaging and delivering that message to the right medical audience.

Vanguard accomplishes this for our clients in a number of ways, including: postcards, e-newsletters, blogs, public relations, and social media like Twitter and LinkedIn. We reach out to a regional or national list of healthcare providers of both new and existing referrals.

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Part of the MedMarketLink program

Vanguard Communications are experts in developing quality, engaging content for patients and referal providers. Physician referral marketing is a core component of our MedMarketLink program which utilizes multiple professional disciplines of public relations, Internet & social media, and patient education to grow a practice.

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Vanguard writes, designs, prints and mails professional postcards promoting a practice’s strengths and distinctions to potential and existing referrals. These are mailed to list of potential referral providers, whether they are new contacts in a practice’s service area or have an existing referral relationship with the practice.

We may also create handout postcards for a practice liaison to provide while working in the field to strengthen or create referral partnerships 


Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective forms of communicating marketing messages. By creating a well-designed, well-written e-newsletter for referral physicians, we communicate why providers should consider referring to your practice, and supply additional resources through links to your practice’s website.

Blogs & public relations

Blogging and traditional public relations doesn’t always have to be for patients. Vanguard can form strategic content pushes, targeting referral physicians or healthcare publications geared toward the right medical audience. By offering expert opinions and information about a practice’s specialty, Vanguard can build a practice’s clout as the go-to expert.
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Social media

Both LinkedIn and Twitter have the potential to reach other physicians who may pay attention to a practice based on their standing in the social media community as a specialized doctor. Vanguard uses a practice’s social profiles to connect with – and market to – specific providers to build a practice’s name.
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