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Did you know?

A goldfish’s growth can be stunted by the size of its tank.

Don’t let your new patient growth be stunted by marketing that doesn’t produce results.

What does "think bigger" mean?

A goldfish is the product of its environment, as we all are. If a goldfish is kept in a small bowl with poor filtration and infrequent water changes, it will stay as small as it was the day it was purchased at the local pet store or won at the county fair. If the fish is moved to a larger tank or a pond, the fish can easily grow to be a foot long.

The same goes for your practice. In order to take your practice to the next level you need the right environment: passionate doctors, motivated staff, happy patients and a steady stream of new patient appointments. That’s where we come in.

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Your patients are online

80% of internet users have searched online for healthcare information in the last 12 months.

Growth in website visits = more new patients.

We’ll help grow your practice 15%-30% in year one. Guaranteed.

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Our case studies prove it

We’ve compiled case studies from just a fraction of our clients. Would you like to see any of the below scenarios happen in your practice?

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11-physician fertility practice

  • 60 days: website visits were up 20% and appointments had already increased by 80%.
  • 6 months: total appointments had increased by 139% year over year and the value of those appointments was more than $6 million.

18-physician practice

  • Year 1: website visits were up 178% & new patient appointments increased 32%.
  • Year 2: website visits increased another 83% and new patient appointments increased another 26%.

What our clients are saying

Dr. Edouard Servy, Servy Massey Fertility Institute testimonial
Our business increased fourfold in two years and Vanguard deserves 90% of the credit. The Vanguard team stays at the crest of the wave in technology, marketing and patient education. We have come to expect nothing less.

– Dr. Edouard Servy

Servy Massey Fertility Institute, Augusta, GA

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We take medical practices from good to peerless

More patients, more revenue


Our practice marketing program includes stellar patient content unique to your practice, public relations, superior website technology, social media and more, allowing us to guarantee 15%-30% new-patient growth in year one. 

Not advertising, but patient education-based marketing

Healthcare marketing

Less pain, lower costs


Our practice improvement and efficiency program eases provider burnout, cuts staff turnover and boosts patient satisfaction. It’s a breakthrough fusion of digital marketing and process improvement, focusing on patient experience and staff workflow. We guarantee 20%-35% growth in one year when using both our services.

Making healthcare a team sport

Practice improvement

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