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Content Marketing

The best way for physicians to be found online is to provide relevant, trustworthy medical information prospective patients are searching for.

Internet data tells us that healthcare consumers look for health care information first and healthcare providers second. For example, according to our research, six times as many people search online for cancer information as search for cancer doctors.

The volume of online seekers of health information is overwhelming. Approximately 80 percent of internet users have looked online for health-related information in last 12 months, according to Pew Research.

Vanguard’s carefully crafted healthcare marketing programs are content-centric, emphasizing online health education through multiple channels: the practice website, public relations, social media and more.

This content marketing strategy positions each practice as an expert in the field and an information resource, offering meaningful information that develops trust and makes searching patients your patients.

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Part of the MedMarketLink program

Vanguard Communications are experts in research-backed marketing: delivering user-friendly websites and patient resources for guaranteed practice growth.

Content development, strategy, and marketing is a core component of our MedMarketLink program. We’ve worked across more than 17 provider specialties and can work with you.

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Content marketing, not advertisingHealthcare Content Marketing at Vanguard Communications

With more than 20 years experience in healthcare marketing, Vanguard has developed a unique content marketing strategy that aims to “tell, not sell” patients by furnishing the health information they are searching for.

This strategy is proven and verified by independent Google data and by the resulting practice growth time and again: Online information seekers instantly (and perhaps most subconsciously) begin a relationship with providers on their websites long before patient and provider even have a chance to speak.

As evidenced by the latest data from Google and search engine optimization (SEO) software, Vanguard believes that today’s e-powered patients most likely choose a doctor based on who provides the most accessible and reliable information.

Having an information-centric approach in a practice’s marketing programs develops patient trust and builds practice revenue – guaranteed.

Creative messaging & writing services

Content marketing includes a number of important avenues for delivering information and your practice’s message:

The iCare Health Library

As part of our trademarked iCare Patient Center, Vanguard’s iCare Health Library is a collection of WebMD-style healthcare articles that cover specialty topics. Our team of medical writers craft content specifically for your practice website to address conditions and treatments that are central to your practice.

Each page is also optimized for topic-specific keywords to ensure the information is searchable in engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Brand messaging through content

From the homepage and practice information on the website, to social media and public relations pitches, Vanguard develops creative brand messaging that involves strategic positioning to highlight each practice’s strengths and distinctions.

Vanguard’s marketers and writers deliver consistent brand messaging with creative taglines and informative online and offline content such as doctors’ blogs, press releases, patient stories and social media posts.

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