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A medical practice’s website acts as the central hub for its online identity, and in today’s healthcare professions, a great website is essential for successful practice growth and prosperity.

Vanguard Communications designs, develops and manages specialty medical practice websites, including creation of custom designs, layouts and color palettes coupled with expertly-written content to make each website a unique and engaging patient information resource.

We use state-of-the-art website technology that adapts to mobile devices and desktops, ensuring the website maintains the latest security and technology updates.

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Website design to build a brand

Whether launching a brand new website, rebranding a practice’s online identity or giving a fresh look to an existing web presence, Vanguard always starts with a pleasing graphic design that also makes the site easy to use.

With a deep understanding of website usability and creative presentation, Vanguard works with each practice to design the homepage, menus and interior pages with strategic content layout, color palette to match or build a practice’s brand. To that we add functionality features to enhance and support specific marketing needs.

Website management that lets providers get back to medicine

Once a design is developed collaboratively with each client, Vanguard Communications builds each website on an optimized content Healthcare website design and management at Vanguard Communicationsmanagement system equipped with all the capabilities necessary to manage a practice’s content and deliver it to patients in an easy-to-navigate, fast-loading, dynamic website.

What is a content management system? We’re glad you asked. A CMS uses a semi-automated technology for developing, expanding and updating a website without having to program every detail on the website. The net benefit is that we can build and edit websites in a fraction of the time and cost.

In addition to Vanguard’s professional healthcare writing services, we add and update website pages entirely for the client, ensure consistent and professional formatting and presentation, and strategically plan for navigation revisions or improvements as new content is created.

All the client needs do is send a website-update request. Most such requests are fulfilled within two business days.

Otherwise, Vanguard staff take the initiative to update each client’s website with new information an average of 23 times per month.

We also evaluate each website for the latest website usability features and technology and make improvements over time to ensure each website is up-to-date with the latest, greatest software and ease-of-use functions for visitors.

In short, we painstakingly take care of every client’s website so all providers can get back to taking care of patients.

Tech support & updates keep each site secure & easy to use

Vanguard’s custom-built website platform

We employ the latest in website technology to keep every website on the forefront of usability. Using the content management system WordPress as a base, we have carefully developed our own platform for specific website functionality and usability.

This includes building all websites with a responsive design, meaning every website adapts and responds to each user’s screen so it has the best, easiest-to-read-and-navigate display on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

That means there’s no need for a separate mobile website with limited content: mobile users can view the full website with mobile-friendly navigation.

Vanguard Communications’ tech team also regularly tests and improves our website platform plugins (software add-ons to a website) to ensure that each website performs at maximum speed and highest function.

Added security to help meet HIPAA standards

Vanguard keeps every client’s website up-to-date with the latest security features, updates and safeguards to ensure highest levels of security available and protection of patient privacy.

Learn more about our PHI Security Suite

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