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Neil H. Baum, MD

About Neil H. Baum, MD

Neil H. Baum, MD | Medical Advisor | Vanguard CommunicationsNeil H. Baum, MD, is on-staff medical advisor to Vanguard Communications and author of 18 books, including “Marketing Your Clinical Practice – Ethically, Effectively, and Economically,” now in its 4th edition, and “The Complete Business Guide to a Successful Medical Practice.” Dr. Baum focuses on tested and easy-to-implement solutions for most medical practices that enhance efficiency and productivity. Dr. Baum has been dubbed “Dr. Wiz” for his love of magic and his urology specialty practice!

Dr. Baum was the columnist for American Medical News for more than 25 years and wrote the popular column, The Bottom Line, for Urology Times for more than 20 years.

He is a requested speaker each year to the Practice Management seminar for the AUA where he discusses techniques to make a urology practice more efficient and more productive. He has written 16 books on practice management and over 250 peer-reviewed articles on various urologic topics, including BPH, ED and incontinence. Those practices who have consulted with Dr. Baum have reported that he delivers on his commitment to enhancing medical practices using ethical and effective techniques that have been tested in numerous practice locations across the country.

Dr. Baum has consulted with physicians, medical practices, pharmaceutical companies and medical manufacturing companies throughout the nation. His focus is on improving efficiency and productivity and using social media to attract patients to a medical practice. During his time as a clinician, Dr. Baum conducted numerous clinical trials on BPH and ED, including drug studies.

After retiring from clinical practice in January 2018, Dr. Baum joined Vanguard Communications in their efforts to grown the patient bases of medical and academic practices and help them to be more efficient and ultimately, more profitable.

Thought leadership by Neil H. Baum, MD

In addition to authoring 16 books on the subjects of healthcare marketing and practice management, Dr. Baum is a highly requested speaker at medical conferences nationwide and a regular video blogger for Vanguard Communications. He also has a bi-weekly column, Words from the Wiz, sent to thousands of email subscribers each month.

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Blogs, articles & videos by Neil H. Baum, MD

Speaking engagements

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Past speaking topics

Patient Satisfaction-New Metric for Every Medical Practice

This program reviews the importance of patient satisfaction and focuses on online reputation management.

American Urologic Association
San Diego, CA
May 2018

Moving from Volume to Value

There is a trend today to provide value for our patients and not dwell on the number of patients we provide care for. This program discusses how to measure value and share our findings with our patients and the payers.

American Urologic Association Practice Enhancement Seminar
San Francisco, CA
May 2018

Branding Your Practice

This program discusses the role of branding in medicine and how any medical practice can incorporate branding techniques to attract new patients.

University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
Dallas, TX
April 2018

Gyn-O-Topia: The Perfect Gynecologic Practice

This program reviews ideas to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the gynecologic practice.

Loma Linda Grand Rounds
San Bernardino, CA
March 2018

Practice Management Seminar

The presentation is focused on marketing and internet communication with patients.

University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA
February 2018

Developing the “Almost” Perfect Gynecology Practice

This is another title for the Gyn-O-Topia program, which reviews ideas to enhance the efficiency and productivity of the gynecologic practice.

Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecology Society
Las Vegas, NV
December 2017

Current Controversies in the Management of BPH

This presentation discusses the new concept of minimally invasive treatments of the enlarged prostate gland.

Point Counterpoint
Phoenix, AZ
November 2017

Controversies in Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This presentation discusses the benefits and risks of hormone replacement therapy in men.

Grand Rounds, Touro Infirmary
New Orleans, LA
August 2017

How to Create The “Almost Perfect” Medical Practice

This program discusses the four pillars of a medical practice: maintaining the loyalty of existing patients, attracting new patients, enhancing referrals from colleagues and other professionals, and enhancing staff morale.

American Urologic Association
New Orleans, LA
May 2017

No-scalpel, No-needle Vasectomy from a Gynecologist’s Perspective

Grand Rounds LSU department of gynecology
New Orleans, LA
April 2017