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Vanguard Communications Now Offering Unmatched Growth Guarantee to Legal Firms

The marketing and consulting firm is extending a quarter-century’s experience growing healthcare provider groups to the legal profession

DENVER, April 21, 2023 / — Vanguard Communications, founded in 1994 and long focused on supporting the healthcare profession, announced today that it is applying its proven marketing and process improvement programs beyond healthcare by offering its guarantee of 15%-30% practice growth in the first year to legal firms interested in boosting clientele and brand recognition.

“Both medicine and law are technical fields that the layperson cannot typically understand without help,” said CEO Ron Harman King, J.D., M.S. “It is our job to act as translators on the internet through law firm websites, social media, review websites, and other communication channels.”

It’s clear that reputable law firms can benefit from the same strategies and techniques Vanguard has applied to help improve and grow medical practices since the 1990s with unsurpassed success, King said.

Having earned a juris doctor degree in 2022, King’s academic experience revealed how similarly legal and medical practices operate as well as a need for legal firms to employ content marketing and public education for the legal profession as Vanguard has offered healthcare clients for a quarter century.

“We’re basically a writing company dressed in an internet suit.” – Ron King

To King’s knowledge, nobody else offers these law firms a lofty 15%-30% practice growth or they will work for free until hitting the target. This guarantee has been offered to the firm’s medical clients since the early 2000s. Never has Vanguard Communications missed the mark, King said.

The company focuses on creating engaging and comprehensible content that drives potential clientele to professionals’ websites, while also developing authority and positive ratings on reputation websites and drawing favorable news media coverage for third-party credibility.

“We’re basically a writing company dressed in an internet suit,” King said. “Law firms will benefit from our proven combination of content creation, website development and optimization, public relations, reputation management, and social media that has consistently driven double digit growth annually for Vanguard clients.”

With a background in print and broadcast journalism and corporate PR, King said that his goal has always been to provide clients with faster practice growth and more widespread recognition as a leader at a lower cost than a comparably resourced, in-house marketing team.

Vanguard will formally launch its LawMarketLink program at the 2023 Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Annual Conference April 24-26 in Hollywood, Florida. Attendees can visit booth 319 to learn more.

About Vanguard Communications

Vanguard Communications & Process Improvement is a Denver-based firm specialized in research-driven marketing for medical practices and legal firms, as well as practice improvement services. The firm offers support for both professions, melding a knowledge of patient and legal client motivation, the persuasive power of creative communications, and a culture of continuous improvement. Founded in 1994, Vanguard serves clients coast to coast in small to large practices.

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