Doctors’ Interpersonal Skills Affect How Patients Choose a Doctor

Dermatology Times confirms people choose a doctor for interpersonal reasons

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Reporter Katie Hobbins’ article for DermatologyTimes focuses on Vanguard Communications’ new research that finds a doctor is 194% more likely to receive a 1-star online review compared with hotels and restaurants, based on 1.5 million Yelp online reviews.

Vanguard’s findings support what facial plastic surgeon Adam Honeybrook, MBBS, found in his research, according to DermatologyTimes: “The most important factors why patients choose a doctor for a facelift were related to their ability to communicate, establish rapport, have an appropriate demeanor and answer their questions.”

Vanguard discovered in prior research that, of the 5-star online reviews about doctors, 40% gush about bedside manner, while only 4% relate to the medical care provided.

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