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Online Security for Medical Practices

The Wired Practice by Vanguard Communications healthcare resources, articles and videos tap into research and experienced-based knowledge for improving business and patient care.

A PHI-less World

We need to eliminate protected health information (PHI) from existence and move to a password protected system. It really is that simple—and that revolutionary.

Heartbleed Hits Healthcare With Heaping Heartburn

Dealing with online security threats is much like treating rapidly mutating bacteria and viruses – new ones will always appear to defy conventional safeguards. Let’s look at some hard realities of the Heartbleed bug and then quickly move to signs of hope, as well as some insights on how to protect against it.

Healthcare Website Security & Foreign Hackers

In 2013 TIME named Pope Francis as Person of the Year. Had it been up to us, we would have selected the Internet hacker as POTY. Instead we invested tens of thousands of dollars in anti-hacking measures. Here are six big steps we took to safeguard the websites of health care providers.

Electronic Health Records Security: Lessons From Target

Why should health care providers care about Target’s travails? Because the latest hacking news is more evidence of the mushrooming abundance of Internet hackers and of the vulnerably of digital patient information. Hacking is a worldwide growth industry for a reason. There’s a lot to steal on the Internet and plenty of places to steal it, both in storage and in transit.