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Vanguard Celebrates 25th Anniversary!

Innovation and persistence have enabled us to grow into our silver anniversary in healthcare marketing

DENVER – Vanguard Communications has weathered 25 years as a marketing agency, experiencing its share of ups and downs. The firm started as a traditional advertising, public relations and branding agency, but less than five years in it evolved into one of the first agencies to specialize in healthcare marketing.

The company was founded by CEO Ron Harman King in 1994 out of a room in his Denver home. Since then, Vanguard has grown to five offices located in Denver, San Jose, Knoxville, Jacksonville and New Orleans and 15 team members.

“Starting a company has been an amazing journey with many highs and lows. We have survived three recessions but now are stronger for it,” said King. “I would like to thank our older clients who have stayed with us and also the newer ones who have come to us to boost their practices’ success.”

What makes Vanguard stand out from the rest of the healthcare marketing agencies is its guarantee. The firm promises with the MedMarketLink program to grow new patient numbers 15 to 30% in the first year, or Vanguard will work for free until its staff of healthcare marketing experts gets the practice up to that growth target. (Vanguard has never had to work for free.)

Another unique factor for Vanguard is its process improvement program called MedAmorphosis. This 2017 addition to Vanguard’s services helps practices become better managed and focused on exceeding the expectations of patients to ensure growth and success. MedAmorphosis came about when Vanguard realized some practices were not equipped to handle the excess patients that the company’s great healthcare marketing efforts were bringing in.

About Vanguard Communications & Healthcare Process Improvement

Vanguard Communications & Healthcare Process Improvement is a Denver-based firm specialized in the integration of digital marketing and patient education and communications, with medical practice operational analysis and process improvement. Founded in 1994, Vanguard serves clients coast to coast in small to large private and academic medical practices.

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