When Your Doctor’s Bedside Manner Is Vital

Whether you have a chronic illness or need surgery, here’s what to look for

Screen Shot 2016-06-20 at 4.15.31 PMWhen a friend discovered that he needed heart surgery, he wanted only one quality in his physician: medical skill. He didn’t care whether the doctor was a good communicator, com­pas­sionate and caring—traits we call “a good bedside manner.” For him, bedside manners took a backseat to clinical abilities.

Many doctors I’ve spoken with feel the same way, especially when it comes to one-time situations such as surgery. You may feel differently. In fact, 59 percent of those polled in a 2014 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation survey of how patients viewed primary-care doctors said a doctor’s personality and the quality of the doctor-patient relationship were most important.

Similarly, a 2013 Vanguard Communications survey found that online complaints about matters such as doctors being dismissive of concerns, late for appointments, hurried, or not listening well were almost four times more common than criticisms about medical abilities.

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