Telemedicine to Be a 2018 Game Changer

Our Dr. Neil H. Baum addresses the future of healthcare in a Rasmussen College article

telemedicine | Vanguard Communications | Denver | Rasmussen College logoTechnology savvy patients are expecting digitally accessible healthcare. Patients and providers alike will be affected by a shift to telemedicine.

Dr. Neil Baum, medical advisor at Vanguard Communications, talks about telemedicine, or telehealth, and what this means for your medical practice. Virtual appointments will benefit patients and providers with busy schedules.

“Telemedicine is going to be a game changer in 2018 and beyond. No longer can patients take four to six hours to leave their work and go to a doctor’s office. With technology being so readily available and encrypted for safety and privacy, patients are going to be requesting to communicate with their physicians using telemedicine.” Dr. Neil H. Baum

Our CEO Ron Harman King chimes in, too

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