SEO Expert: Tips from PR Professionals

Jessica McLaughlin on successful media pitching

SEO Expert Bradley Shaw recently covered 41 public relations experts to gain their insight on the best practices for media pitching that lead to successful online marketing links. Notable topics include relationship development prior to pitching and persistence to guarantee strong connections and future contacts.

Among those chosen for the piece was Jessica McLaughlin, multi-media public relations manager at Vanguard Communications. She revealed some of her own secrets for how she has managed to ensure success throughout her career in PR, including savvy tips like using Twitter as a primary pitching resource.

“If [reporters] know your name when the email, phone call or tweet comes in with a pitch, they are more likely to be interested. This also goes for once you have worked with a reporter; make sure that you keep a list of every reporter you have ever worked with and when emailing them do not forget to mention the last story that you worked on together.”   – Jessica McLaughlin

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