PAGS Practice Enhancement Program | Ron Harman King & Dr. Neil H. Baum

PAGS PEP Presentations | Image of the Las Vegas skyline

Slide decks from PAGS PEP in Las Vegas, December 2018

It was great to meet you at the Pelvic Anatomy and Gynecologic Surgery Symposium’s Practice Enhancement Program. We hope you were able to find a few useful ideas that will make your practice more efficient and more productive. The full slide decks from our presentations are listed below. If you would like any additional information, please reach out to us.

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Using Social Media to Get to the Top of Google

Ron Harman King, MS, discusses how practices can use social media websites such as Facebook, Yelp and YouTube to get to the top of the search results of prospective patients.

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How to Market and Promote Your OB/GYN Practice

Ron Harman King, MS, discusses ways OB/GYN practices can use branding and digital marketing strategies to grow their patient base.

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The Four Pillars of a Successful Gynecologic Practice

Dr. Neil H. Baum discusses the four pillars: keeping current patients, attracting new patients, maintaining relationships with referring physicians and keeping staff motivated.

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Online Reputation Management

Dr. Neil H. Baum discusses the growing importance for doctors to manage their online reputations. This includes how to increase the number of good reviews and in turn, the practice’s overall star rating, and how to decrease the number of patients who complain about a practice online.

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Five Numbers to Know

As a practice owner or leader within a practice, Dr. Neil H. Baum states that it’s important to know the metrics for charges/receipts, RVUs, ARs/Days in AR, charge lag, insurance denials. Why? Without understanding these concepts, doctors will never understand the value of the services they provide.

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Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction scores are affected by every stage of the patient journey – from making an appointment and waiting in the reception area to the patient’s time in the exam room and experience with the billing process. Dr. Neil H. Baum gives strategies on how you can make small improvements to each step of the patient journey to increase your overall patient satisfaction scores both internally and online via websites like Yelp, Facebook, HealthGrades and more.

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Improving the Productivity, Efficiency and Profitability of Your Practice

Dr. Neil H. Baum discusses ways that practices can combat decreasing reimbursements, rising overhead and income reduction by improving efficiency and increasing productivity. Some strategies include using the practice’s website and creating patient education videos to increase patient satisfaction without sacrificing the doctors’ or staff members’ time.

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From Volume to Value: Outcomes Measurement

Struggling with how to define and communicate the value your practice provides to patients? In this presentation, Dr. Neil H. Baum discusses how to quantify value in terms of the health outcomes that matter to patients and how to conduct outcome measurements.

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