The Need for Medical Practice SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Vanguard is a good choice for medical practice SEO

By Stephanie Wilson, vice president

Doctors should optimize their websites for medical practice SEO (search engine optimization). At a high level, medical practice SEO is really about making your name and your practice website appear high up in Google search as well as elsewhere online.

At Vanguard Communications, we feel that SEO is really all about content. Google is becoming smarter every day. It’s really trying to deliver search results that are valuable and relevant to its searchers, in this case patients.

Vanguard is a good choice for medical practice SEO because we focus on patient-friendly health content. We actually write that in-house with seasoned medical writers on staff. Then we work with doctors to verify the information, and promote it across digital channels.

We pride ourselves on being able to write the content and know what patients are looking for online. That’s based not only on search results and search information that we get from Google, but also just knowing the business very well.

SEO and content writing are just some of the many services we offer through MedMarketLink, a marketing service for medical practices.

After more than 25 years marketing medical practices, we know that to grow new patient volume requires patients finding you online. Creating original content and promoting it through search engine optimization are the markers of a successful healthcare website and internet presence.

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