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Healthcare Law Marketing Growth

A marketing guarantee for healthcare lawyers from a marketing firm raised on HIPAA compliance, PHI, & healthcare providers’ concerns

Healthcare law is an ever-moving target, evolving in step – or as close as possible ­– with the giant healthcare industry that makes up 18% of this country’s GDP. Layers of regulations, hyper-speed technology developments, and the volume and intensity of healthcare research alone make it one of the most challenging areas of law. The same goes for healthcare law firm marketing.

With three decades of experience in marketing healthcare practices, Vanguard is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of healthcare law marketing, from general needs to mass tort cases.

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For years we’ve lived and breathed HIPAA, PHI, CMS, and more vital healthcare requirements with dozens of medical practices and specialty hospitals across the country. We know how to avoid the pitfalls of medical marketing and of health law marketing too.

Our healthy marketing guarantee

We give healthcare law firms the same guarantee we’ve given healthcare providers for three decades: 15%-30% practice growth in year one of working with us, or we work for free (never had to do that).

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Beyond lawyer referral services: Our big 4 of health law marketing

Lawyer referrals and relationship building are traditionally the bread and butter of healthcare law marketing. Lawyers in other fields of law often refer their clients to healthcare law firms. Word-of-mouth lawyer referrals by clients are still great sources for pulling in new clients.

And there are lawyer referral services. Lots of them. Vanguard is not one of those: We are the anti-lawyer referral service.

We go beyond the norm because we’ve learned that keeping healthcare firms up to speed on the fast-changing healthcare industry helps bring in new clients and retain existing ones. Here’s how we can help firms stand out:

  • Valuable, SEO-rich website content that attracts past, present, and future clients online.
  • Timely e-newsletters that keep leads informed of shifts and new developments in healthcare law, building trust over time.
  • Expert blogging that showcases a firm’s expertise in pertinent topics, establishing credibility through educational content.
  • Strategic public relations and media outreach to boost visibility and influence.

These are all part of our LawMarketLink digital marketing services – and they are particularly well suited for healthcare law firms.

Content marketing for law firms

Clearly explained aspects of healthcare law and representation have virtually evergreen value on a law firm’s website. We are experts at explaining complicated topics to lay audiences in language they can understand – search engine optimized to please Google and gain high search ranking that ensures visibility. And we update law firm content as changes occur.

Law firm email marketing with e-newsletters

Successful email marketing strategy keeps clients informed about healthcare law and practice news. News is delivered to the email boxes of opt-in subscribers, opt in being a key element in success. We find that monthly or bi-monthly e-newsletters are perfect for this. Single topic e-blasts are effective for special events, news, and promotions.

Both aspects of email marketing get a law practice’s name in the subject line of an email to thousands of potential and existing clients. Even better, the e-newsletter article links drive readers back to a firm’s website, where they’ll find valuable blogs and content topic pages.

Ghostwritten lawyer blogs

Lawyers are certainly good writers, but writing legal blogs for the lay public and Google requires certain skills. While lawyers excel in many areas, finding the time and expertise to produce such content can be a challenge.

At Vanguard, we specialize in ghostwriting blogs on complex topics like law, ensuring a firm’s unique voice is heard in the digital space. Good blogs display a lawyer’s expertise on a variety of healthcare law topics, while conveying a sense of personality. These blogs can react quickly to changing events.

Understanding healthcare law marketing’s unique needs

Healthcare clients have unique needs, which guides the marketing needs of healthcare law firms. From social forces driving issues like Fentanyl and opioid epidemics to greater oversight and regulations due to technological and research advances, healthcare law firm clients face many legal obstacles. Vigilance is paramount.
In healthcare law (and its marketing) the rule of thumb is here today, change tomorrow. The great leap forward into telehealth brings the need for legislation, policy, and reimbursement compliance to avoid litigation.

A few legal issues faced by legal healthcare clients include:

  • Medical devices.
  • Drug pricing.
  • Hospice care.
  • Long-term care & skilled nursing facilities.
  • Creation of HIPAA-compliant online forms for screening large numbers of potential mass tort clients.
  • Licensing & board representation.
  • Fraud, abuse and malpractice.
  • Ransomware & cybersecurity.

Law firms would do well to market to the specific areas like these that affect their clients.

Regulatory minefield of HIPAA, HHS, FDA, ACA, CMS, & more

Various federal and state entities require the eagle-eyed watch of health law firms, which should be reflected in their marketing efforts.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) deals with drug pricing, insurance requirements, reimbursements, and many other important issues.

All sorts of legal requirements stem from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Civil Rights, and the Food and Drug Administration.

A legal firm focusing on healthcare clients must also be familiar with the Affordable Care Act and moves to alter or repeal it.

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) has stringent requirements – and violation penalties – for securing and protecting personal health information (PHI). Vanguard’s record of addressing HIPAA compliance and PHI needs for scores of medical practices translates well to health law firm marketing.

Vanguard’s edge in healthcare law marketing services

We believe our distinguishing factors in marketing legal firms focusing on healthcare are experience, breadth of services, and a record of decades of proven success for our clients.

  • Our suite of integrated services includes law SEO & SEM, content marketing, media relations &PR, online reputation management, social media, and more.
  • A CEO with a JD.
  • 30 years of meeting our one-of-a-kind 15%-30% practice growth guarantee.
  • Rock-solid metrics and analytical proof of our effectiveness.
  • A nice, highly-competent bunch of professionals providing white-glove service.

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