Doctors Should Embrace Healthcare Consumerism to Attract Patients

CEO Ron Harman King tells Well that medical practices need to act like the hospitality industry


WellApp logo in article on healthcare consumerism | Vanguard Communications | Denver, CODoctors need to make the most out of healthcare consumerism, and that’s exactly what those people they call patients are: healthcare consumers. “Why can’t we borrow from other industries?” asks Ron Harman King. “Why shouldn’t [checking in at the doctor’s office] be more like checking into a hotel reception?”

Good question. The article by, a communication platform connecting doctors and patients says when people pay a premium for service – as do medical patients every visit – they expect to get more. That’s the basis of healthcare consumerism.

They don’t expect the kind of administrative and reception hassles they get, as King pointed out was demonstrated in a Vanguard Communications original research study.

Patients as customers