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Vanguard Communications CEO Ron King is a regular voice of reason on MedPage Today, where his videos on medical practice management insights often draw more viewers than the publication’s medical news spots. He’s onto something, take a look.

The Four Commandments of Confronting Bad PR

Ron Harman King spent more than three decades working in and with the mainstream media in public healthcare communications. In this edition of “The Wired Practice,” the self-proclaimed “grizzled, battle-tested veteran of bad press” offers insight, in the form of four commandments.

Raising the Physician Voice

In this edition of “The Wired Practice,” Ron Harman King of Vanguard Communications says that although gene therapy, stem cell research, and pharmacogenomics are leading the way into the future of medicine, society continues to exhibit “Frankenstein phobias.” Doctors can ease those fears by joining conversations about science and risk.