Author: Dr. Neil Baum

PR 101: How Physicians Can Earn Media Attention

Dr. Neil Baum, aka Dr. Whiz, is a successful urologist from New Orleans, LA. In this video, Dr. Baum discusses how to create and maintain relationships with local media and in turn, get placements that will increase the number of new patients at a medical practice.

The Magic of Medicine

Dr. Neil Baum, aka Dr. Whiz, is a New Orleans urologist with a love for magic. In 2018 he joined the Vanguard Communications team in the role of Medical Advisor. In this video he shares how magic and medicine go hand in hand and how seemingly small things can work together to add up to happy patients.

Why Doctors Should Embrace Medical Marketing

A medical practice is a business, and it’s not a sin for doctors to think of their patients as consumers. Vanguard’s Medical Advisor Dr. Neil Baum, retired physician practice owner for over 40 years, explains why medical marketing is vital these days for doctors.