Cash for Care with Affordable Care Act Reform

Ron King offers insight into the developing methodologies as a result of the ACA reform

Affordable Care Act | Part B News | Denver | Cash Money The website Part B News made several accurate 2017 predictions, one of which was the effects of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) reform on how patients pay for their care. The Part B News’ 2018 Predictions Survey suggests it was right to suspect more cash payments. By a nearly 2 to1 margin, 62-38 percent, respondents say they expect to see more uninsured patients at their practices in 2018.

Ron Harman King, CEO of Vanguard Communications, offered insight into the emerging payment methodologies. With the uninsured population growing and the deductible rising for people with employer-provided health coverage, more patients are grabbing their wallets to pay for their care in cash.

“Eventually, rising costs always trickle down to consumers, who will continue paying more both out of pocket and also in elevated insurance premiums.” Ron Harman King

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