Healthcare Marketing, Consulting & Medical Practice Process Improvement

Grow your medical practice 15%-30% in one year

with our healthcare marketing guarantee.


Growing a medical practice requires more than practicing good medicine.

It takes more than advertising, more than having a brochure or a website or a Facebook page.

If providers want their practices to be more competitive and grow bigger,

they need to think bigger than one-off or traditional medical marketing tactics.


Don’t let your revenue be stunted by the size of your fishbowl.

Empty fishbowl as goldfish jumped out for bigger potential with healthcare marketing & healthcare consulting | Vanguard Communications | Denver, CO | San Jose, CA | Jacksonville, FL
Our healthcare marketing agency not only specializes in bringing new patients to specialty and academic specialty practices, we guarantee it.

How our MedMarketLink healthcare marketing program attracts new patients

Want more patients? With nearly 30 years of experience conducting successful medical marketing for doctors across the United States and Canada, we know to follow the evidence: People search online for health information 10 times as often as they search for doctors.

Our healthcare marketing and consulting teams are staffed with seasoned medical writers, researchers, digital marketing experts and even an on-staff medical doctor. We create original, high-quality, patient-centric content in digital formats that is optimized for search engines. Then we promote that content across multiple internet channels, which organically brings people to a practice’s website, and ultimately, through the door.

  • Content marketing that puts practices at the top of internet search engine results pages.
  • With nearly 1 billion daily searches on Google for health information patient education attracts new patients, not advertising.
  • More than two dozen healthcare marketing services included in our program each month.

Healthcare marketing and medical consulting go hand-in-hand

Our MedMarketLink program has driven so many new patients to client practices that sometimes the providers can’t handle the influx. That’s why we developed MedAmorphosis, a practice process improvement and consulting program that diagnoses operational issues, provides practical remediation recommendations and guidance to fix problems.

Headed by our on-staff medical advisor Neil H. Baum, MD, author of 16 books on practice management, and supported by our team of process improvement analysts, the MedAmorphosis program identifies the pain points of practice workflows, guides the development of realistic new processes and trains staff to improve efficiencies and patient satisfaction.


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