New Digital Marketing Site for IVF Professionals

Digital Marketing for IVF Professionals | Digital Doctor | Vanguard CommunicationsDenver, November 2, 2015 – Vanguard and partner IVF Worldwide have created a website dedicated to digital marketing for IVF physicians. At the new Digital Doctor website, IVF professionals can learn about digital and social media, blogging, search engine optimization, content marketing, online reputation management, public relations and branding for their fertility practice.

What is IVF Worldwide?

IVF Worldwide is the largest and most comprehensive IVF unit directory in the world and connects doctors and specialists in the fertility field through publications, live congresses, video and research.

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Why should IVF professionals care about digital & social media?

Now more than ever, IVF physicians, nurses, scientists and social workers need to care about the Internet. Why? Because that’s where current and future IVF patients already are.

Infertility patients all over the world typically start their treatment journey on Google and other search engines. What they find in their search results forms critical first impressions, right or wrong. And what they share on social media affects a practice’s ability to attract and maintain patients.

What IVF professionals will be able to learn on our new site

Our mission is to help professionals in IVF healthcare better understand the mindset of Internet-powered patients, boost reputation and profiles online, and bring more of the right patients to their practices.

Using webinars, live congress sessions and educational articles, the Digital Doctor site will be a resource for all IVF professionals to learn digital and social media techniques that attract patients. Digital Doctor provides advice from marketing specialists and fellow doctors on such topics as online reputation management, mobile marketing and practice branding.

The Digital Doctor site will launch in early November.

About Vanguard Communications

Since 1994, Vanguard Communications has provided specialty healthcare marketing with a strategy focused on patient education guaranteed to bring new patients to specialist physicians, physician assistants, nurses and therapists in private, university and hospital practices. Through its MedMarketLink program, Vanguard combines the disciplines of online and offline PR, strategic marketing and information technology for healthcare providers coast to coast.

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