CMS Waiver on Telemedicine is a “Sea Change”

Healio Features Dr. Neil Baum’s Tips for Telemedicine during CMS Waiver

“The fact that, for now, providers can use any nonpublic-facing remote communication tool is a sea change for doctors and for patients,” said Neil H. Baum, MD, chief medical advisor at Vanguard Communications, referring to the CMS waiver during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Baum offered several tips for physicians to make the most of the CMS waiver, including:

  • Ask your insurance providers if telemedicine is covered and if those visits are considered an office visit or a nurse visit.
  • Check with your malpractice insurance provider to ensure that you can conduct telehealth visits.
  • Choose apps with Business Associate Agreements, as these apps will be useable after the national COVID-19 emergency declaration is lifted.
  • And many more.

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