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How Much Is a Doctor’s Website Worth?

Recently a physician who is moving toward retirement asked us this question. It’s a good one. How do you value an existing website that has generated thousands of new patients for years. Answer: That’s probably the wrong question to try to answer.

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Healthcare SEO Basics for Doctors

High organic search-engine rankings matter, especially for medical practices seeking patients for specific conditions & treatments. Although rankings are ever changing, become a well-informed SEO physician by picking the right keyword as a function of content.


Online Reputation Lessons From Dentist Who Shot Lion

Whatever kind words any grateful patients had previously offered on the Yelp page of the dentist who shot an African lion are all but gone now, buried under an avalanche of attacks. His case illustrates the importance of proactive online reputation management for healthcare providers.

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A PHI-less World

We need to eliminate protected health information (PHI) from existence and move to a password protected system. It really is that simple—and that revolutionary. It would not only eliminate many headaches. It would save a pile of money, too.


Want More Patients? Be Different

Fashion designer Coco Chanel used to say, “In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.” Faced with multiple healthcare choices, any consumer looks for differences among providers. But deliberately standing apart from the pack is contrary to the training of doctors. So how does a physician or provider group build a differentiating brand that helps make the choice abundantly clear?


How Often Should a Doctor Blog?

Many doctor bloggers erroneously believe you have to feed the blog machine weekly or even daily. But sometimes just a little effort will go a long way – and save clinical time answering common questions. Blog topics abound in healthcare. Often the best blogging ideas come straight from the exam room and the morning headlines.

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Is Your Practice Hackable?

For scammers, it is 50 percent more valuable to steal medical information than social security information. How can you keep your patients’ sensitive information secure? Vanguard Communications Technical Director Jonathan Stanley discusses security threats to practices and how to safeguard data.

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Converting E-Powered Patients to YOUR Patients

Since the inception of smartphones, medical shows, blogs and third party websites, medical information has flooded the consumer market. Rather than a referral between physicians, marketing has become a dialogue amongst patients, friends, family and practitioners. This healthcare “Webolution” has created a new dynamic in medical marketing that has changed the way specialty practices operate.

Positive Online reviews

How to Get Good Online Patient Reviews Ethically

Not only do good reviews bode well for a practice’s online reputation; they also boost credibility in Google rankings. But is it unethical for a physician or practice to ask happy patients to post positive online reviews? I say absolutely not, as long as it’s done within certain guidelines.

Heartbleed Syringe

Heartbleed Hits Healthcare With Heaping Heartburn

Dealing with online security threats is much like treating rapidly mutating bacteria and viruses – new ones will always appear to defy conventional safeguards. Let’s look at some hard realities of the Heartbleed bug and then quickly move to signs of hope, as well as some insights on how to protect against it.