The Magic of Medicine

The Magic of Medicine

Dr. Neil Baum, aka Dr. Whiz, is a New Orleans urologist with a love for magic. In 2018 he joined the Vanguard Communications team in the role of Medical Advisor. In this video he shares how magic and medicine go hand in hand and how seemingly small things can work together to add up to happy patients.



Video Transcript

Hello, my name is Dr. Neil Baum. I’m a physician in New Orleans, Louisiana, and I’m often called, “the Wiz.” You know, in healthcare, it’s a serious business, but I don’t think it is wrong to have a little levity, a little humor, and perhaps just a little magic in our practice of medicine.

You know, there are three ingredients of an effective doctor-patient relationship. The first and most important, and the longest, using this long piece of rope, is the patient. The second piece of rope is the medium size rope, and that represents the physician, and his or her highly energetic and enthusiastic staff. The third piece of rope, the smallest piece of rope, represents the solution to the patient’s problem: the treatment, a holding of the hand, a compassionate and empathetic ear, so that the patient knows that we understand them and feel their pain and their concern.

The Reality

Now, I call to your attention that those three pieces of rope were of different sizes, representing different magnitudes in the doctor-patient relationship. But what’s the reality? The reality is that those three things: patient, doctor and staff, and treatment, are all equal and identical. Surely, you need patients in order to practice the craft of medicine. Second of all, you need a doctor and a highly energetic and enthusiastic staff. And, of course, you need a treatment for the patient’s medical problem.

My take home message is: it’s the little things that you do in the middle of every day that ultimately impact your success, and your bottom line. Thank you.


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